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First Week of September

Monarch butterflies are migrating south, one by one. If you are lucky, you might see a butterfly tree, where thousands of monarchs gather to roost overnight. Apple growers are picking SweeTango and Zestar. Fall-bearing raspberry canes are bearing ripe fruit. Deciduous tree leaves are not the brilliant green they once were. Patches of reds and burnt-oranges are appearing on native sugar maples and touches of golden-yellows on basswoods, green ashes, and eastern cottonwoods. Poison ivy leaves display quite a bit of red, orange, and yellow.

September 1, 2015: Duluth had a high temperature of 84 degrees and enjoyed a huge bird migration throughout the day. Observers counted 91,667 migrating non-raptors at Hawk Ridge and on the nearby shore of Lake Superior including 28,054 common nighthawks, 12,842 cedar waxwings, 33,758 warblers representing 19 species, and 1,085 blue jays.


What to Look For 09, 2017

Last Baltimore oriole leaves to winter in Central America (from Minnetonka):
2015 September 9
2014 September 17
2013 September 14
2012 September 8
2011 September 3

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