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Second Week of September

Highbush cranberry fruit is bright red and the leaves are turning red. Apple growers are picking McIntosh and Honeycrisp, the official Minnesota state apple since 2006. Jerusalem artichoke, white snakeroot, arrow-leaf aster, and Canada goldenrod are showy blooming wildflowers. Both gray and red squirrels gather falling butternuts. Rose-breasted grosbeaks, gray catbirds, and lots of ruby-throated hummingbirds visit feeding stations. September is a great time to enjoy the state's 5,000 species of beautiful wild mushrooms, including giant puffballs. Common milkweed pods are opening and shedding seeds on silvery parachutes. In southern and western Minnesota, farmers are harvesting corn and sugar beets.


What to Look For 09, 2017

Last Baltimore oriole leaves to winter in Central America (from Minnetonka):
2015 September 9
2014 September 17
2013 September 14
2012 September 8
2011 September 3

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