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First Week of October

Migrating birds include golden-crowned and rubycrowned kinglets, northern flickers, and American robins. Farmers are combining soybeans, and some have begun combining corn and cutting a fifth crop of alfalfa; Minnesota is third in soybean production and fourth in corn production nationwide. Apple growers pick Connell Red, Fireside, Haralson, and Honeygold. Dahlias, chrysanthemums, and garden roses display showy flowers. Gardeners pick ripe tomatoes and fall bearing raspberries. Lawns are still lush green.

October 3, 2015: Fall colors peaked in the Leech Lake and Grand Rapids area, and east to Hayward, Wisconsin.


What to Look For 10, 2017

Peak day for autumn foliage colors (Twin Cities):
2015 October 14
2014 October 14
2013 October 13
2012 October 1
2011 October 4

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