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Fourth Week of October

An "Indian Summer" day brings above normal temperatures and little or no wind. These warm, sunny, hazy days follow autumn's first frost, when a high-pressure system passes through. The name likely refers to the period when Native Americans made their final preparations for winter. Indian summers are short, lasting only a few days, so people take to the golf courses, biking paths, picnic areas, and hiking trails in great numbers. Fall foliage colors continue with beautiful reds on Autumn Blaze maples and Boston ivy vines, and golden-yellows on eastern cottonwoods and paper birch trees, bringing out photographers and landscape painters.

October 25, 2015: About 7,000 migrating sandhill cranes gathered at Sherburne NWR.


What to Look For 10, 2017

Peak day for autumn foliage colors (Twin Cities):
2015 October 14
2014 October 14
2013 October 13
2012 October 1
2011 October 4

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