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Second Week of November

Wooded areas are quite open except for the green leaves of common buckthorn, showing how invasive this small tree has become. American bittersweet is a native vine of hardwood forests throughout much of Minnesota; its leaves are gone and the fruit is orange and crimson. Golden-yellow foliage remains on Norway maples, Lombardy poplars, and weeping willows. Petunias, geraniums, salvia, and alyssum continue to bloom in southern Minnesota gardens. American robins and cedar waxwings feed on crabapple fruit. Canada geese convene on harvested soybean and corn stubble fields. Flocks of snow buntings - migrants from the arctic - visit the North Shore of Lake Superior.


What to Look For 11, 2017

Freeze-up for Lake Waconia (Carver County)
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