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Fourth Week of November

European starlings wear their winter dress, with speckled feathers and black bills. Hairy, downy, and redbellied woodpeckers visit feeding stations for suet, but will also take seeds. Juncos outnumber other birds at many feeding stations. The last rafts of American coots and flocks of Franklin's gulls on southern Minnesota lakes will soon leave as the water temperature drops to a uniform 39 degrees and ice covers form.

November 20, 2015: Temperature did not rise above freezing for the first time in autumn, killing blooming chrysanthemums, red salvia, and alyssum.


What to Look For 11, 2017

Freeze-up for Lake Waconia (Carver County)
2015 December 19
2014 November 21
2013 November 27
2012 December 10
2011 December 6

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