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First Week of December

Meteorological winter begins on the 1st, kicking off the coldest 90 days of the year and the biggest week for buying fresh-cut Christmas trees. A few late eastern chipmunks are still out and about. Screech owls often roost in wood duck houses, along with gray squirrels and other animals. During this time of pond and lake freeze-up, remember that safe walking, skating, and fishing require at least four inches of new solid ice in contact with stationary freshwater, and eight to 12 inches for a car or small truck. No one wants to fall through the ice as cold water saps body heat 25 times faster than air of the same temperature. In 32-degree water, a person will go unconscious in 15 minutes.

December 5, 2015: Snowy owls - winter visitors from the north - were seen scattered around the state, including one at MSP International Airport.


What to Look For 12, 2017

Freeze-up for Lake Minnetonka:
2015 December 31
2014 November 27
2013 November 29
2012 December 22
2011 December 16

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