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Second Week of December

The sun's intensity is now just a quarter of what it was back in June, and a fresh snow cover reflects close to 90 percent of the sun's radiation. No wonder December days can be so cold. Northern white cedars, red and white pines, and white and black spruces are all native Minnesota evergreens, each with its own special shade of green on the landscape. Flying squirrels come nightly to wildlife feeding stations in wooded areas, including city yards in Hopkins and Minneapolis, arriving about 5 pm. They dine on sunflower seeds, peanut butter, and suet. Floodlights don't scare these small squirrels, nor does the presence of someone sitting quietly outside watching them.

December 13, 2015: The El Nino late fall/winter brought mild weather with unsafe or no ice on thousands of lakes. Many lakes with an ice cover earlier in the season lost it later on.


What to Look For 12, 2017

Freeze-up for Lake Minnetonka:
2015 December 31
2014 November 27
2013 November 29
2012 December 22
2011 December 16

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