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Third Week of January

Long, arching, bright golden-brown twigs make weeping willows glow on the landscape. Pairs of great horned owls can be heard duet hooting. These owls are setting up nesting territories, and being the earliest bird species to nest in Minnesota they often are incubating eggs by the end of January. From Red Wing south beyond the Iowa border, look for wintering bald eagles and flocks of common mergansers where open water is found in the Mississippi River. Lake Superior is wide open with much steam fog rising on cold days, and wave spray causes artistic ice formations on rocky shorelines.


What to Look For 01, 2018

First northern cardinal "what-cheer, cheer, cheer..." spring song heard (Minnetonka):
2016 January 8
2015 January 8
2014 January 9
2013 January 5
2012 January 4

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