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Second Week of February

Because of the sun's changing position, February 11 is usually the day when plants in a greenhouse take off. Ring-necked pheasants have started to crow; this loud double squawk is the sound of a courting male. Red-bellied woodpeckers have also become very vocal. Anyone who drives on rural roads in southern and western Minnesota may see pairs or small flocks of early migrating horned larks, which fly up as your car goes by. They are pale gray and brown with black tails and somewhere between robin and sparrow in size. You might spot dark breast bands and mustaches, but their tiny black horns are difficult to see. Horned larks love prairies, dirt fields, and short grassy areas.

February 11, 2017 - With a high temperature of 43 degrees, maple sap began flowing. This was the earliest start to the maple syruping season that seasoned producers could remember.


What to Look For 02, 2018

First active eastern chipmunk seen (Carver County):
2016 February 25
2015 February 22
2014 February 22
2013 March 2
2012 February 17

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