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Fourth Week of February

Wintering American robins visit heated birdbaths to sip water. They like raisins and mealworms at feeders. Cedar waxwings and American robins continue feeding on crabapple fruit. The first few eastern chipmunks have emerged from their underground burrows and are out and about. In northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, black bear cubs are now about a month old, weigh less than three pounds, and stay in dens with their still-sleeping mothers.

February 27, 2016 - Record high of 58 degrees in the Twin Cities. First osprey and turkey vultures arrived. Flocks of Canada geese observed heading north over Faribault and Victoria. First scarlet cup fungus spotted in a forest.


What to Look For 02, 2018

First active eastern chipmunk seen (Carver County):
2016 February 25
2015 February 22
2014 February 22
2013 March 2
2012 February 17

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