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Fourth Week of March

Eastern bluebirds claim nesting boxes. Tundra swans migrate in large Vs through southeastern Minnesota - including the Twin Cities - and many flocks stop to rest on open water. Listen for eastern phoebes and song sparrows, and watch for the first turkey vultures. There may be some excellent maple sap runs, and rhubarb and chives may begin to poke up in gardens. American elm and silver maple trees are often in bloom, with honey bees and other insects gathering pollen.

March 30, 2016 - Pasqueflowers were showy on prairies, and the first sharp-lobed hepaticas and bloodroots began blooming in woodlands. Ice-out date for Big Pine Lake near Perham, Portage Lake near Park Rapids, and Bay Lake near Garrison; common loons were arriving in these areas.


What to Look For 03, 2018

First migrating American robin arrives (Carver County):
2016 March 6
2015 March 12
2014 March 19
2013 March 15
2012 March 2

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