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First Week of April

American robins are common almost everywhere, from wilderness areas to city parks. The females, which are paler in color and without the black head of the male, are now returning, close to a month after the males. Look for our first swallows - tree swallows - to arrive; they wintered from extreme southern U.S. into Central America and are a widespread summer resident in Minnesota. Forsythia and crocuses bloom nicely. Lawns begin greening. The maple syrup season may be ending in southern Minnesota, but good sap runs may continue in the central northern regions.

April 5, 2016 - Ice-out date for Mille Lacs Lake (average is April 25).


What to Look For 04, 2018

First rhubarb pulled for sauce (Carver County):
2016 April 17
2015 April 19
2014 April 22
2013 May 8
2012 March 30

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