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Third Week of April

Every year waves of severe thunderstorms sweep across Minnesota, resulting in violent winds, large hail, flash flooding, and lightning strikes. Consider purchasing a NOAA Weather Radio that will wake you in the middle of the night if severe storms are blowing through. Western grebes come back to Lake Osakis, in Todd County, each year and stay until October. The couple hundred pairs represent the largest concentration of western grebes in the state. Barn swallows return to southern Minnesota and ruffed grouse begin drumming in the Arrowhead region.

April 16, 2016 - First 80 degrees recorded in the Twin Cities since the previous October 11. Average first 80-degree day is May 1. Male eastern cottonwood catkins were red, extended, and shedding pollen. First rhubarb was ready to pull, and apricot trees bloomed nicely.


What to Look For 04, 2018

First rhubarb pulled for sauce (Carver County):
2016 April 17
2015 April 19
2014 April 22
2013 May 8
2012 March 30

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