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Second Week of May

Lake surface temperatures are usually in the 50s for the Minnesota Fishing Opener, which is by tradition the biggest outdoor event of the year and kicks off the summer season. Large-flowered trillium, wild geranium, and columbine are blooming wildflowers. Some birds incubating eggs include wood ducks, wild turkeys, black-capped chickadees, eastern bluebirds, and American robins. Eastern tiger swallowtail butterflies are on the wing.

May 6, 2016 - First 90-degree day of the year in the Twin Cities. Common purple lilac shrubs were at bloom peak and fragrant, and common dandelions displayed masses of yellow flowers.


What to Look For 05, 2018

First monarch butterfly arrives (Carver County):
2016 May 24
2015 June 1
2014 May 21
2013 May 31
2012 May 2

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