Marshall July 2022 Nature Journaling

Nature Journaling workshop in Marshall

Thursday, July 14th

This workshop gives educators the skills and knowledge to incorporate nature journaling into the heart of outdoor learning experiences for their students.

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EcoTime Summer 2022

EcoTime 2.0 Workshop in Savage

Thursday, July 21st

This workshop aims to introduce teachers to lessons that build community and engagement in science concepts; promote investigation, analysis, and interpretation on data; and extend science instruction to language arts, math, art, and engineering.

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2022 Patterns in Nature

Patterns in Nature Institute in Monticello

Monday-Wednesday, July 25th – 27th

This 3-day institute is designed to provide the spark educators need to raise student interest and engagement as they explore and investigate plant and animal natural patterns & behaviors while learning outdoors.

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New from Jeffers Foundation - Phenology Friday!

We encourage YOU to become a community of Observers!

Strategies & Techniques for Outdoor Learning

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Our Youngest Learners Outdoors

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Instructional videos to watch with your children at home

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Customizable Outdoor Learning Workshops

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Every School Should Have a Garden

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Enhance School Learning with Outdoor Fun

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Observation + Journaling =

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Learning from Nature’s Own Classroom

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Lessons enhance learning & engagement by connecting science to language arts, math, art, & engineering

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Good Sense

An Educator’s Guide to

Outdoor Sensory Activities

We receive five senses at birth – to learn, explore, and reach logical conclusions from our own observations & experiences.
We hope these activities will help you discover & explore the limitless possibilities available by using your senses.
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Environmental Stewardship
Through Education

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