Battle Lake Public School

  • Serves K-12 students
  • Garden program led by FFA Students
  • Ten-acre garden site
  • Partners with Pro-Ag Co-op
  • Sells and donates the produce
  • Selling field corn helps fund the garden
  • Strong community support

More details...

The Battle Lake School District owns a 10-acre field behind the school which had been rented to a local farmer for the last several years. With increasing interest in school gardens and after talking with several local resources and instructors who have school gardens a plan was developed to use the 10-acre field for multiple purposes. Approximately one-third of the land was planted in seed corn which when harvested by a local farmer, is sold to raise funds to support the garden project. They worked with the local co-op to create two test plots of corn. To support the city’s annual Pumpkin Fest a pumpkin patch was incorporated into the garden along with a few plots of sweet corn. Since Battle Lake attracts many tourists in the summer locals and visitors were targeted for marketing the produce. Besides pumpkins and sweet corn, there is a plot for beans, peas, tomatoes, and other vegetables on a smaller scale to determine how it all works before proceeding to a larger scale. A sizeable slope on the property was planted with different types of grasses and used as a “classroom” to study erosion control practices. The 10-acre plot of land is accessible to students and maintained by the FFA (Future Farmers of America). The project benefits students, the FFA chapter, and the entire community.

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