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The Calendar in the Classroom

Learning from Nature's Own Classroom

The Calendar in the Classroom

The Minnesota Weatherguide Environment™ Calendar is a fabulous teaching resource. Published by The Freshwater Society it contains wonderful weather, astronomy, gardening, phenology and water information which Jeffers Foundation has included in a series of easy to integrate grade level, standards sensitive lessons.

The Freshwater Society graciously provides calendars for workshop participants.

Play Video

Calendar in the Classroom Video

A short video introduction to the Calendar in the Classroom concept with teacher testimonials, lesson samples, etc.


Lesson Plans in PDF Format

Table of contents and lesson plans by grade level. Each lesson plan includes: overview, standards, background, skills, vocabulary, materials, more...

Calendar Pages

Calendar & Phenology Pages

Calendar and phenology pages by month in PDF format. Useful for in-class projection, duplication, etc. Includes: monthly phenology, charts, glossary, science facts, cloud chart, more...

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