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Jeffers has always been interested in developing innovative partnerships. One such three-way partnership includes Jeffers Foundation, the Prior Lake/Savage area schools and St. Catherine's University in St. Paul.

In the simplest terms this partnership provides an opportunity for college students, majoring in education, to get some real-world experience teaching elementary school science. Like all good partnerships, this one benefits all the parties concerned.

The ECOSTARS program uses the GLOBE program (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) to teach lessons that meet state science education standards. GLOBE is supported by NASA and involves students in gathering climate information from instruments located on school property. The data is uploaded to the GLOBE website and made available to scientists, worldwide.

Classroom teachers appreciate the additional help of trained, pre-service education students to teach the real-world data-gathering protocols of GLOBE. Classroom students get the opportunity learn science with real instruments and see their own data delivered to a global science resource. The pre-service education students get the opportunity to work under the supervision of full-time classroom teachers while offering a superior science-education experience.

Jeffers collaborated in forming the partnership and in providing professional-grade weather stations to the schools involved. The ECOSTARS program was initiated in the Prior Lake/Savage schools and continues there and in selected schools in both Minneapolis and St. Paul.

ECO STARS is an acronym. It represents an Ecology of Students, Teachers, And Real Science.


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