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News & Announcements
24 Speckled Frogs
Catching Bugs
Frog & Toad Venn Diagram
Animal Adaptations
Adaptation Match*
Amazing Adaptations
Thumbs Up
Animal Adaptations*
Opposable Thumbs*
Who Are You & What is That?*
Animal Adaptations*
Animal Similarities & Differences
Awesome Adaptation Connotation
Animal Characteristics/Classifications
Animal Ball Toss
Good Morning, Minnesota Animals
Join the Herd Greeting*
Simile Greeting
Whose Track is That?
Join the Herd Activity*
Simile Animal Match Up*
Walk This Way*
What Animal Am I?
Who Am I?
Complete the Simile
Join the Herd News & A.
Know Your Animals
Tracks are Everywhere
Who Lives in Minnesota?
Moon Puzzle*
Rotate, Rotate, Revolve
Zodiac Line Up
12 Signs of the Zodiac Song
Moon Phase Line Up*
Rotate, Rotate, Rotate Your Planet
Hemispheres and Seasons
Moon Phase Illustrator
What Do You See in the Sky?
Attributes (of Rocks)
Attribute Greeting*
If You Have a Rock That...*
Attribute Tally
Fact or Opinion*
Eeek! Is it Fact or Opinion?*
Animal Cracker Biomes Greeting*
Animal Cracker Biomes Activity*
Biomes Brainstorm
Good Morning, Tweetie
Tweeting Tallies
Charting Chirps
Diversity of Organisms
Am I Alive?
Living and Non-Living Simon Says
Living or Non-Living
Spheres of the Earth - Greeting
Four Spheres
Spheres of the Earth - News & A.
Good Morning, Ecosystem
Building an Ecosystem
Identifying Parts of an Ecosystem
Habitat Match*
Habitat Connection
Comparing Habitats
Geology/Rocks (see also Attributes)
Good Morning, Rock
Igneous Handshake
Geology Rocks
Rock Pass
Hard as a Rock
Rock Identification
Eat Up*
Hello Predator, Hello Prey*
Shelter Greeting
Human Food Web*
Predator-Prey Freeze Tag
Squirrel in a Tree
Everyone Needs a Shelter
Food Chain
Predator/Prey Relationships
Heredity & Fractions
Genetic Trait Fractions
Nature Fractions
Fraction Facts
Butterfly Greeting
Metamorphosis Game (Insect Life Cycle)
Name an Insect
Where's My Baby?*
Guess the Mammal
Draw a Mammal
Honk, Hiss, Ribbit: What's Migrating?*
Migration Racin'*
Animal Migration
Observation/Using your Senses
Can You Hear Me?
Eye Spy
Observation Optics
Sniff 'n Smell, Smell 'n Sniff
Sensory Details
What Did You See?
North, South, East or West, My Classroom Friends are the Best
Never Eat Soggy Waffles
My Desk is Located...
Match the Season Puzzle
Seasonal Events
What Do You Know About Seasons?
Great Growing Greeting
Grow Plant, Grow
Design an Ideal Plant Environment
How Can You Reduce Garbage?
I Will Not...Instead, I Will...
Reuse Greeting
Bottled Water, What a Waste
Reduce with Juice
What Can We Do?
Fraction Facts
Landfill, Landfull?
Recycling: Plastic Water Bottles
What Did You Throw Away Today?
Snowflake Match*
Snowball Fight
Snow Poems*
Matching Leaves
Parts of a Tree
Simple or Lobed Handshake
Tree Product Match*
Branch Puzzles
Find the Leaf
Leaf Characteristics and Keying*
Trees - More Than Just Shade*
Branch Drawings
Draw a Leaf
Draw a Tree
More Than Just Shade
Hello Precipitation
The Water Cycle Dance
Drawing a Water Cycle
Good Morning, Cirrus
Hello Sunshine
Wonderful Weather Vocabulary*
Weather Data R Us*
Weather Watchers*
Cloud Drawing
Fantastic Forecasters
Storm Report
*Black Line Masters

black line masters

  • Adaptations Cards for Animal Adaptations Greeting

  • Animal Strips for Join the Herd Greeting

  • Moon Phases Puzzle Cards

  • Rock Attribute Cards

  • Biome Posters for Animal Cracker Biomes

  • Habitat Match

  • Food Web Cards for Eat Up

  • Predator-Prey Name Tags for Hello Predator

  • Baby Mammal Picture Cards for Where's My Baby?

  • Migrating Animal Cards for Honk, Hiss, Ribbit

  • Snowflake Match Cards

  • Tree Product Cards for Tree Product Match

  • Weather Vocabulary Cards

  • Cards for Animal Adaptations Activity

  • Cards for Who Are You and What is That?

  • Data Chart for Opposable Thumbs

  • Animal Strips for Join the Herd Activity

  • Simile Animal Match Cards

  • Walk this Way Prints

  • Moon Phase Line Up Cards

  • Rock Attribute Cards for If You Have a Rock That

  • Bat Strips for Fact or Opinion Activity

  • Animal Cracker Biomes

  • Migration Racin' Cards for Activity

  • Tree Product Cards for Trees-More Than Just Shade Activity

  • Leaf Cards for Leaf Characteristics and Keying Activity

  • Weather Watcher Chart for Activity

  • Weather Data Chart for Weather Data R Us Activity

  • Animal Adaptations Cards for News & Announcements

  • Bat Strips for EEEK! Is it Fact or Opinion?

  • Snow Poems