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GO Cards

Jeffers director, Sil Pembleton, has for many years been helping teachers and parents enhance children's educational experience by showing them the benefits of going outdoors to discover and learn. The ring bound "Go" cards developed for families suggest convenient and practical outdoor activities for helping children realize their full potential all the while having fun.

Go Cards

Go Cards

Valuable Resources

Setting the Stage - Prepare for Success

Getting Ready to Go!

Why Go Outdoors?

Nature Journal

First Snow

Snow Stories

Starry Night

Feathered Friends

How a Special Place Changes

Finding Firsts: Phenology

Sweet Fun

Spring Archives

Where Food Comes From

Color Hikes

Find the Wind

Rainy Day Puddle Fun

Water Magic

Recording Temperature

Animal Homes

Camping Out

Hide Out!

Visit Your Ants

Go Jump in a Lake

Take Your Pick

Sandy Bottom

Shooting Stars

Digging in Dirt

Water Music

Float Your Boat

Go Fishing

Flutter and Buzz

Fall Flavors

Moonlight Camp Fire

Fall Color Fling...

Moonrise Adventures

Cloud Watching

Books Open Doors

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