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Chairman Paul's Fabulous Idea Takes Root and Blossoms

Early in Jeffers journey, Chairman Paul Oberg, in support of a Foundation goal to help educate young persons, recognized that a key learning activity is for students to make observations and then to systematically record their observations.

Paul realized that most of these observation/recording exercises were done using single sheets of paper, many of which were easily lost. He envisioned a "science notebook" which could become a permanent part of each student's primary education. He researched the project and came up with "My Science Notebook". This was distributed in a few schools and greatly appreciated. The feedback which Paul received on this effort resulted in a revised edition called "My Jeffers Journal".

Chairman Paul is committed to helping place these journals in the hands of students throughout the state. This webpage provides a more detailed history of his initiative and instructions on how to obtain journals for your students/school.


Jeffers Journal
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