Sartell Nature Journaling Workshop

This workshop gives educators the skills and knowledge to incorporate nature journaling into the heart of outdoor learning experiences for their students

Nature journaling helps capture student observations and promotes documentation of students’ curiosity in the natural world. Whether you are outdoors studying science, language arts, math, art, or a combination of these subjects, nature journals provide a great learning platform for documenting students’ experiences using words, pictures, and numbers.
Participating educators will gain experience and knowledge in how to:
  • get started journaling with their students
  • develop ideas for using journals to build a sense of place on their school grounds
  • use journals for investigations, storytelling, visual thinking, mathematical thinking
  • and more
Participating educators will receive a Jeffers Journal, a Teacher LooKit, an MN Weatherguide Calendar, and a Good Sense booklet.
*Classroom teachers are eligible for a class set of Jeffers Journals for the 2023-24 school year