Jeffers' Mission

Our mission is to foster environmental stewardship through education and to encourage all to appreciate and preserve the natural world.

Jeffers' Vision

We are committed to sustaining a long legacy of promoting outdoor education in the community and creating awareness of how human activity affects the environment and how the environment affects us, now and into the future.

Jeffers' Core Values

  • Educator Empowerment

    Jeffers finds and shares best practices in environmental education by collaborating with school communities. We are committed to developing and providing resources to empower educators to create experiences for themselves and their students through the environment.

  • Innovation Practice

    Jeffers seeks to keep ideas and activities aligned with current data and research and the ever-evolving needs of the community. We continually strive to refine our work through evaluating efforts, sharing resultsm and implementing positive changes.

  • Experiential Learning

    Jeffers promotes active outdoor engagement that builds the skills of sensory perception, observation, inquiry, and discovery. Spending time in nature allows for an outdoor classroom to emerge, which inspires and motivates all students for learning and stewardship.