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Team Teaching with Mother Nature

Would kids rather measure the circumference of a waste basket or that of a tree? Would children rather look at invertebrates in a book, on the screen or go outdoors and catch and examine them? Do kids learn better by talking about how birds migrate, or going out to watch the geese in formation? Which is more effective, to watch a video about butterflies or let one light on your finger outdoors? What is more fun to write about, a tree with bark, branches, leaves and flowers that can be experienced with all the senses or an image we see in a book or on the white board?

Children will learn more and better through hands-on, experiential learning outdoors! They'll learn better, be more manageable, be healthier, and do better on tests.

Jeffers made The Outdoor Classroom video to help teachers, parents and administrators come to a realization of how important and how easy Team Teaching with Mother Nature can be. This is a three part program on DVD. Part One is an introduction to the topic. Part Two shows how easy it is to get ready to take kids outdoors to learn and Part Three gives you the benefit of real teacher experiences in how to do it.

In addition to the DVD which Jeffers will send you free of charge, Jeffers has a number of other supporting materials which are available through the website.




Free Resources

We learn what to look for in the pond

Now where are those butterflies?

What is actually under the grass?

We're learning about the prairie today

We learn to snow-shoe in February

Each team has a compass and instructions

From pond to slide, they're still wiggling

It's great to have class outdoors

Does it have any ears?

We examine things closely

We record what we observe

Making notes about what we see

Lets look at this closer

Working together to identify some moss

We carefully measure and record

We see first hand the results of natural systems

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