Phenology Friday

Jeffers Foundation is proud to announce a new initiative to engage
students and teachers from around Minnesota in Phenology

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Phenology, as defined by Freshwater, "is the science of tracking biological & physical events of nature in relationship to weather & climate"

to submit your data

Make every Friday a Phenology Friday
and submit YOUR Observations!

Jeffers is teaming up with teachers and students across Minnesota to collect and share phenological data they are observing in their schoolyards, neighborhoods, and communities

Observations could include:
  • lists of sightings such as bird migrations, signs of animals & animal tracks, flowering of plants, leaf emergence in the spring & color change in the fall, freeze-over & ice-out dates of local lakes & ponds, etc
  • sensory observations: feels like, sounds like, smells like, looks like
  • poems inspired by observations
  • pictures
  • more!

Submit your observations and read the data submitted from the previous week by
teachers & students from across the state

We encourage YOU to become a community of observers!

Getting Started

5 short videos that introduce you & your students to Phenology
Introduction to Phenology
Observation Strategies
Daily Observations:
Create your own calendar & other journaling ideas
Using Observations
Predict Seasonal Change
Match the Season Puzzle:
Making claims from evidence
Connection to Standards
Interdisciplinary Lessons
Jeffers Foundation Resources
Jeffers has partnered with Freshwater to incorporate the data and images found in the Minnesota Weatherguide Environment™ Calendar into curriculum and workshops for many years.
Click here to see the Calendar
With the help of teachers in the Prior Lake-Savage School district, the Calendar in the Classroom curriculum was designed, with a portion of which is focused on Phenology.
Click here to see the Calendar in the Classroom lessons
2022 Weatherguide Calendar Cover
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