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Fourth Week of May

Red-eyed vireos have returned from their winter in South America to sing simple but hurried whistled phrases like "here I am" or "look up" in our vast broad-leaved forests. The big warbler migration is on and birders can expect to see about 21 species of these tiny songsters. Common tree frogs have become very vocal. Silver maple seeds are tan-brown and falling, as eastern cottonwood trees shed myriads of seeds on cotton carriers. In southern Minnesota, eastern kingbirds and great crested flycatchers have just returned, and eastern bluebirds are busy feeding young nestlings. In northern Minnesota, the first black flies are on the wing, serviceberry shrubs are covered with white flowers, and aspens and birches have small leaves.

May 22, 2016 - At Moose Lake in Carlton County, apple and crabapple trees were covered with blossoms.


What to Look For 05, 2018

First monarch butterfly arrives (Carver County):
2016 May 24
2015 June 1
2014 May 21
2013 May 31
2012 May 2

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