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Second Week of June

American robins begin singing at 4:24 a.m. CDT. Many lakes in southern and central Minnesota and Wisconsin have warmed to 70 degrees, considered safe for swimming. In southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin, showy Japanese tree lilac and northern catalpa are in bloom. In the same areas, the second cutting of alfalfa is underway, much of the field corn is knee high, and staghorn sumac is at bloom peak. Soon after dark, fireflies perform their amazing acts, giving a special magic to the landscape. Along the North Shore of Lake Superior, serviceberry trees and shrubs, wild lupines, starflower, and bunchberry are blooming; and white-throated sparrows and ovenbirds are vocal.

June 11, 2016 - Just out of Duluth, the surface temperature of Lake Superior was 52 degrees and lake trout were biting.


What to Look For 06, 2018

Garden roses at June peak of bloom (U of Minn. Landscape Arboretum):
2016 June 20
2015 June 24
2014 June 25
2013 June 27
2012 June 15

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