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Third Week of June

Warbling vireos, song sparrows, and yellow warblers enchant us with their vocalizations. A trained listener can pick out two dozen or more different bird species in a morning chorus of singers. Serviceberry and red mulberry trees have ripe fruit, relished by American robins, cedar waxwings, and us humans. Tree and barn swallow parents are busy feeding young nestlings. Look for young gophers (also called 13-lined ground squirrels) out of their burrows engrossed in playing, sunning, and exploring. Gardeners are picking peas, kohlrabi, romaine, leaf lettuce, kale, radishes, green onions, and strawberries. Expect the best bloom of the growing season from shrub roses and garden roses.


What to Look For 06, 2018

Garden roses at June peak of bloom (U of Minn. Landscape Arboretum):
2016 June 20
2015 June 24
2014 June 25
2013 June 27
2012 June 15

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