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Fourth Week of June

Native basswood trees have clusters of fragrant flowers, visited by honey bees and other pollinators. Hikers snack on ripe wild blackcap raspberry fruit. Female staghorn sumac shrubs display seed clusters that have turned strawberry red. Northblue and Northcountry - two of the blueberry shrub cultivars developed by the University of Minnesota - now have tasty ripening fruit. The first garden raspberries are ripe for picking. Second clutches of eastern bluebird eggs are hatching. Young Baltimore orioles come to grape jelly feeders with their parents. Horse flies, deer flies, and stable flies are on the wing. Stable flies look a bit like horse flies and are about the same size; they are the ones that bite our ankles, even through socks, when we are out in a boat or near water.


What to Look For 06, 2018

Garden roses at June peak of bloom (U of Minn. Landscape Arboretum):
2016 June 20
2015 June 24
2014 June 25
2013 June 27
2012 June 15

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