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Second Week of July

Hydrangeas, daylilies, and hollyhocks are among showy garden perennials in bloom. The hollyhock had been cultivated in China for a thousand years before it was introduced into England in 1573, where the plant quickly won favor because of its long blooming period in the summer. In southern Minnesota, expect to see some seven-foot-tall field corn and fields where tasseling has begun. Shorebirds such as lesser yellowlegs and least sandpipers have begun migrating through from the Arctic. They are probably adults that were unsuccessful in nesting, but this still marks the beginning of fall migration. Osprey young have grown quite large but remain in their nests.


What to Look For 07, 2018

First field corn silking (Carver County):
2016 July 7
2015 July 10
2014 July 16
2013 July 20
2012 July 2

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