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Third Week of July

Look for the first flights of Canada geese; whole family groups can be seen in the air. The adults have been flightless since mid-June and their young are flying for the first time. It's time to enjoy that first meal of locally grown sweet corn. Soybeans have begun to set pods. Common sunflowers have begun blooming along highways and in gardens. Numerous Japanese beetles - an invasive species - are feeding on roses, grapes, linden trees, and many other plants in the Twin Cities area. In southwest and western Minnesota, and on into the Dakotas, the combining of wheat has begun. Across southern Minnesota much of the field corn is pollinating (tasseling and silking). In northern Minnesota, fireweed has radiant rose-purple flowers, wild blueberries are ripe, and dragonflies are numerous.


What to Look For 07, 2018

First field corn silking (Carver County):
2016 July 7
2015 July 10
2014 July 16
2013 July 20
2012 July 2

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