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First Week of August

Several early season Minnesota-grown apples - such as Lodi and Quinte - are ripe for picking. Monarchs, eastern tiger swallowtails, and several other butterfly species nectar on purple coneflowers growing in gardens and on prairies. Annual and scissor grander cicadas call during the day, and snowy tree crickets fill the night with their enchanting musical calls. Purple loosestrife is at bloom peak in wetlands and wet ditches, its elongate clusters of purple flowers are visited by many pollinators. This European species has become naturalized in marshes and along streams in eastern North America, and has been abundant in many Lake Minnetonka area marshes since about 1940.


What to Look For 08, 2018

First common ragweed shedding pollen:
2016 July 31
2015 August 1
2014 August 7
2013 August 4
2012 July 18

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