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Second Week of August

Look for beautiful orb spider webs in tall grasses on dewy mornings. Ruby-throated hummingbirds visit Twin Cities and other southern Minnesota feeders, early migrants from northern Minnesota. Beekeepers have begun extracting honey. The nests of the bald-faced hornet - the original paper maker - grow layer-by-layer and look like gray footballs up in trees. Commercial potato producers have begun harvesting. The picking of sweet corn for processing is underway. Native Joe-Pye weed, blue vervain, boneset, and jewelweeds bloom nicely in wetlands and moist places. Dahlias and morning glories bloom in gardens. Most lakes are in the mid-70s.


What to Look For 08, 2018

First common ragweed shedding pollen:
2016 July 31
2015 August 1
2014 August 7
2013 August 4
2012 July 18

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