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Fifth Week of August

Monarch butterflies are migrating south one-by-one, nectaring on garden plants like zinnias and in prairies on blazing-star and stiff goldenrod. Apple growers are picking Zestar, Paula Red, State Fair, and Renaissance. Numbers of yellowjackets sometimes join picnickers. Ripe wild grapes offer hikers a pleasant snack. Bur oak, white oak, and red oak acorns are dropping. Mourning doves continue nesting. Late second broods of barn swallows leave their nests. Between about 5 and 8 p.m., open flocks of common nighthawks - those dark colored birds with long pointed wings and white wing patches - are gliding, diving, and circling, feeding on insects in the air and definitely heading south.

August 31, 2016 - Above normal rainfall this month resulted in lush green lawns and hoards of mosquitoes.


What to Look For 08, 2018

First common ragweed shedding pollen:
2016 July 31
2015 August 1
2014 August 7
2013 August 4
2012 July 18

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