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First Week of September

Apple growers are harvesting Zestar, SweeTango, Honeycrisp, Red Baron, and Minjon, plus Chestnut crabapples. More than 100 varieties of apples are grown in Minnesota, and each has its own special flavor and texture. Beekeepers continue taking-off honey. The New England aster, a favorite nectar source of migrating monarch butterflies, comes into bloom. In mud flats and wetlands, look for migrating shorebirds such as lesser yellowlegs, greater yellowlegs, and semipalmated sandpipers. In northern Minnesota, golden-yellow leaves start to show on paper birches and some reds on moose maple foliage, and fireweed is displaying the last of its rose-purple flowers, marking the end of summer.


What to Look For 09, 2018

Last Baltimore oriole leaves to winter in Central America (from Minnetonka):
2016 September 14
2015 September 9
2014 September 17
2013 September 14
2012 September 8

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