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Third Week of September

Honey bees, bumble bees, monarch butterflies, syrphid flies, and other pollinators are visiting the flowers of New England aster, stiff goldenrod, and Autumn Joy sedum. Garden chrysanthemums have very showy flowers. Highbush cranberry shrubs have clusters of bright red fruit. Rafts of American coots on many Minnesota lakes are a sign of autumn. Monarch butterflies continue migrating through; they stop to nectar on New England aster, butterfly-bush, Mexican sunflowers, and other flowers. Heading south at an average speed of 11 miles per hour, they will reach their winter home in the mountain forests west of Mexico City around the first of November. Virginia creeper vines have mostly bright red foliage, and many sumac shrubs are displaying beautiful tones of red. Wild grape leaves are turning a sunny-yellow. Fall colors are starting to peak from Lake of the Woods through the BWCAW.


What to Look For 09, 2018

Last Baltimore oriole leaves to winter in Central America (from Minnetonka):
2016 September 14
2015 September 9
2014 September 17
2013 September 14
2012 September 8

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