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Fourth Week of September

Look for the first dark-eyed juncos to arrive at feeding stations. Yellow-rumped warblers and northern flickers migrate through. Muskrats build their mounded shelters in permanent ponds. More painted turtles are up sunning on logs now that water temperatures are dropping. Butternut trees are nearly bare; they are the first to drop their leaves. Virginia creeper vines, in peak of fall color, look like red garlands up in trees and along fences. Green ash trees display attractive golden-yellow foliage. Some sugar maples are showing fantastic reds and burnt-oranges. Splendid fall colors blaze in northeast Minnesota.

September 27, 2016 - Southern Minnesota farmers started combining corn and early soybeans, and continued chopping corn for silage and cutting fields of alfalfa (4th crop).


What to Look For 09, 2018

Last Baltimore oriole leaves to winter in Central America (from Minnetonka):
2016 September 14
2015 September 9
2014 September 17
2013 September 14
2012 September 8

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