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Fourth Week of October

Boston ivy vines decorate schools, churches, and other buildings with foliage in tones of red. American bittersweet, a native vine, has dazzling orange fruit. The fan-shaped leaves of ginkgo trees are turning sunny yellow. We also see yellows on silver maples and wild grape foliage. Look for rubs and scrapes made by white-tailed deer bucks woodlands because the rut, or mating season, has begun. Watch for streams of migrating American crows heading down the North Shore of Lake Superior, and flocks of migrating snow buntings, horned larks, and Lapland longspurs in the Lutsen/Tofte area.

October 24, 2016 - At Heron Lake (Jackson County) in southwest Minnesota, people spotted 21 species of waterfowl.


What to Look For 10, 2018

Peak day for autumn foliage colors (Twin Cities):
2016 October 14
2015 October 14
2014 October 14
2013 October 13
2012 October 1

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