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First Week of November

A few last leopard frogs head for ponds, lakes, and slow moving streams. To keep from starving and freezing, these frogs hibernate, burrowed into mud or sand or under submerged rocks or logs. Tundra swans fly overhead and we hear their muffled musical whistles - a wonderful sign of fall. They are traveling from their summer range, which is mainly north of the Arctic Circle, to their winter range along the Atlantic coast. A good area to see hundreds, oftentimes thousands, of tundra swans is the Mississippi River and its backwaters between Minneiska and Brownsville in southern Minnesota. Flocks of American robins, European starlings, and cedar waxwings feed on crabapple fruit; leaves have dropped from crabapple trees exposing the showy fruit. Some years we continue to mow our green lawns, and sod continues to be cut and put down for new lawns. Statewide, farmers labor to finish up the combining of corn and other field work.


What to Look For 11, 2018

Freeze-up for Lake Waconia (Carver County):
2016 December 9
2015 December 19
2014 November 21
2013 November 27
2012 December 10

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