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Second Week of November

Low sun angle now makes driving more difficult in mornings and afternoons. This is the time to wrap the trunks of young trees, especially fruit trees, for winter protection from both sun and rodent damage. A few common dandelions continue blooming in lawn areas, but the flowers are on very short stems. European larch trees are at fall color peak and show superb smoky-gold foliage. Evergreens such as pines, spruces, firs, and yews add much interest to the mid-November landscape. The winds spread countless common milkweed and cattail seeds on their carriers. Native red cedar trees have taken on a purplish-brown look for winter. The first snowy owls of the season have moved into northern Minnesota.


What to Look For 11, 2018

Freeze-up for Lake Waconia (Carver County):
2016 December 9
2015 December 19
2014 November 21
2013 November 27
2012 December 10

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