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Third Week of November

On the first calm, freezing day or night after a particular pond or lake reaches 39 degrees throughout, an ice cover will form. The rutting season of the white-tailed deer reaches its peak during the last two weeks of November. Short-tailed weasels are in their winter coats after starting to change from brown to white in October. When white for winter, weasels are often called ermines.

November 17, 2016 - Because of extended warmer-than-normal temperatures, some gardeners were still picking leaf lettuce and cherry tomatoes, and a few raspberries and Honeygold apples. Mums, geraniums, cosmos, red salvia, alyssum, and more continued to bloom in flower gardens.

November 23, 2016 - Freeze-up date for Sawbill Lake, north of Tofte.


What to Look For 11, 2018

Freeze-up for Lake Waconia (Carver County):
2016 December 9
2015 December 19
2014 November 21
2013 November 27
2012 December 10

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