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First Week of December

Thousands of ponds and lakes are now freezing over. The freeze-up date for a pond or lake is the first day when at least 90 percent of the surface is frozen over and stays that way. Always remember, it takes at least four inches of new solid ice in contact with stationary water for safe walking on, skating, and ice fishing. You don't want to fall through the ice; cold water saps body heat 25 times faster than air of the same temperature. In 32-degree water, a person will last about 15 minutes before losing consciousness.

December 6, 2016 - Despite cold winds in late afternoon, about 1,300 migrating ring-billed and herring gulls gathered on Lake Harriet and about 1,800 gulls on Lake Calhoun, in Minneapolis.


What to Look For 12, 2018

Freeze-up for Lake Minnetonka:
2016 December 15
2015 December 31
2014 November 27
2013 November 29
2012 December 22

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