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Third Week of December

On cold days beautiful intricate frost patterns appear on windows, in swirls and feathers, fronds and trees, and sometimes a mini-scene of a forest after a snowfall. Because the sun is low in the sky, the sunlight casts the longest shadows of the year. Mosses in forests become lush green on days when the temperature rises above freezing.

December 17, 2016 - The 117th annual Audubon Christmas Bird Counts began and continued into the first week of January. These single-day counts are made in thousands of areas across the U.S. and beyond with about 75 in Minnesota. In the aribault/Northfield area, observers saw 50 species and over 7,000 individual birds, including 689 mallard ducks, 673 dark-eyed juncos, 338 black-capped chickadees, 224 northern cardinals, 186 wild turkeys, 61 ring-necked pheasants, 28 bald eagles, and one great blue heron.

December 18, 2016 - Freeze-up date for Grindstone Lake in Pine County, one of the last lakes to freeze over each year.


What to Look For 12, 2018

Freeze-up for Lake Minnetonka:
2016 December 15
2015 December 31
2014 November 27
2013 November 29
2012 December 22

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