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Fourth Week of December

Listen for pairs of great horned owls duet hooting, possibly establishing nesting territories or just keeping in touch. Through the winter, flying squirrels continue visiting a good number of wildlife feeding stations nightly, even in urban areas as long as there are mature trees. Acorns are the staff of life for many wildlife species including white-tailed deer, all types of squirrels, raccoons, mice, and birds such a wild turkeys and blue jays. No doubt the greatest value of acorns is in the critical winter season when other foods are scarce. In parts of northern Minnesota, ruffed grouse dive down into powdery snow to keep warm at night, and moose have begun dropping their antlers.


What to Look For 12, 2018

Freeze-up for Lake Minnetonka:
2016 December 15
2015 December 31
2014 November 27
2013 November 29
2012 December 22

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