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Fifth Week of January

Apple growers have begun pruning their trees. Pruning is done to limit the number of apples that a tree produces so the fruit will be good size, and to open the tree up so sunlight can ripen the fruit. Black-capped chickadees sing the whistled "feebee," territorial signal over and over. We humans sometimes think these optimistic birds are singing a two-noted "spring-soon" song. Ring-necked pheasants are busy picking up gravel along country roads. The gravel enters the gizzard and aids in food digestion. Flying squirrels leave "sitzmarks" in the snow where they set themselves down.

Jan. 28, 2017: From the DNR webcam in St. Paul we learned the first egg was laid in a bald eagle nest.


What to Look For 01, 2019

First northern cardinal "what-cheer, cheer, cheer..." spring song heard (Minnetonka):
2017 January 21
2016 January 8
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2014 January 9
2013 January 5

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