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First Week of February

White-tailed deer are browsing more than a dozen species of woody plants including native basswood, sugar maple, and staghorn sumac. Healthy deer eat about seven pounds of twigs daily. We continue to hear great horned owl pairs duet hooting to proclaim nesting territories, but many are now nesting in wooded areas. They use old nests of large birds such as red-tailed hawks, bald eagles, great blue herons, and sometimes squirrels. The female primarily incubates usually two eggs while the male brings food. Eggs hatch in about 30 days. American goldfinches are starting to show a few bright yellow feathers. Nearly frozen solid, wood frogs lie dormant under snow-covered dead leaves.


What to Look For 02, 2019

First active eastern chipmunk seen (Carver County):
2017 February 21
2016 February 25
2015 February 22
2014 February 22
2013 March 2

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