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Fourth Week of April

Magnolia trees and shrubs bloom with super showy flowers. Rhubarb is pulled for sauce, gardeners rototill, and lawns are being mowed. Look and listen for returning house wrens, brown thrashers, and barn swallows. The first hen mallards are seen with tiny ducklings, and newly hatched broods of Canada goose goslings swim with their parents and graze on fresh green grasses. In wooded areas new green foliage emerges and wildflowers blossom, including bloodroot, Dutchman's-breeches, wild ginger, white trout-lily, and false rue-anemone. Prairie chicken males perform their mating dances in far western Becker County, and sharp-tailed grouse near Biwabik.

April 30, 2017: In southern Minnesota, some early blooming crabapple trees had showy flowers, and thickets of wild plum were loaded with white flowers.


What to Look For 04, 2019

First rhubarb pulled for sauce (Carver County):
2017 April 17
2016 April 17
2015 April 19
2014 April 22
2013 May 8

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