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First Week of June

Honey bees forage on white clover blooming in patches on lawns. Both painted turtles and large snapping turtles come up on dry land to lay their eggs; watch out for them as they cross roadways. Green frogs, the "banjo twangers," have begun calling from ponds. In central and northern Minnesota, baby common loons have been hatching and can be seen riding on the backs of their parents. Minnesota has about 12,000 common loons. In the Lutsen/Grand Marais area, the bright light green of the newly leafed out quaking aspens, paper birches, and other deciduous trees contrast with the dark green tones of evergreens to make a beautiful patchwork that showcases the white flowers of both serviceberry trees and shrubs and pin cherry trees.

June 6, 2017: The showy pink and white lady's-slipper, our state flower, first bloomed at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.


What to Look For 06, 2019

Garden roses at June peak of bloom (U of Minn. Landscape Arboretum):
2017 June 23
2016 June 20
2015 June 24
2014 June 25
2013 June 27

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