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Good Sense

Outdoor Sensory Activities

We hope that the activities contained in this booklet will help you discover and explore the limitless possibilities available through using your senses to see and discover them.
-Paul Oberg, CEO, Jeffers Foundation
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Sit Spots Video

Sit Spot Activity

“… The last powerful thing that I left the workshop with was the power of our senses.

I could not believe how many things I overlooked when I didn’t really engage all my senses.

The various activities that we did helped me to stop and really observe closely using my senses.

When I engaged my senses I could notice how much detail there was.

This is a process that I have to teach students…” – Kelsey, workshop participant

Good Sense Book
Front Cover Outside
Front Cover Inside
What Teachers Say
Table of Contents
Learning Standards
Getting Started
Tools of the Trade
Magnifier Use
Back Cover Inside
Back Cover Outside
Sense of Sight - Look and See
Can You Find the Pencil?
Can You Find the Changes?
Pay Attention with a Penny
A Color Match
Alike and Different
Themed Hike - Go Looking Under
Eye Spy
Sense of Hearing - Listen Up
Deer Ears!
Shake it Up...Listen and List
Sense of Hearing - Listen Up
Make a Sound Map
One Finger at a Time!
Never Eat Soggy Waffles!
Sense of Touch - Feeling Your Way
Touching Twigs
Feeling With Your Feet - The Millipede Walk
A Touch of Sunlight
Sense of Smell - Sniffing Around
Being a Bloodhound
Finding a Scent Match
Sense of Taste - Yum and Yuk
How We Taste
Putting it All Together
Qualitative and Quantitative Observations
Compare and Contrast
Sensory Isolation
Observing the Invisible: Wind
Sensory Search
Sit Spot
The Sixth and Seventh Senses
A Sense of Place
A Sense of Wonder